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As Founder of White Bee Digital, I have had a varied career. Having started in events and media acquisition, I took time out to travel and came back to begin a career in sales in the Investment Management industry.

As my career progressed, I witnessed how clients were changing their approach to discovering and researching products.  They often contacted the sales team once they already had a good idea of which product they needed and were nearing the purchase stage of the process.  

My work became more involved in developing our digital presence to help our clients with their product discovery and research.  I saw first-hand the power a strong digital presence could have.  I saw the impact of knowing how to implement digital strategies and tactics.

My passion for digital marketing was born.

I invested in formal training; a Post- Graduate Diploma in Digital Marketing. Additional advanced training in social media strategy, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads and Google Ads followed.  I have been using my sales background, with my digital marketing skills, to help start-ups and small businesses ever since.

Aggie Meroni

Founder & CEO

White Bee Digital


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