Are your Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest ads keeping you awake at night?

Do you feel overwhelmed? Need support with Facebook Ads Manager? Or worry that your budget is slipping through your fingers?

Perhaps your ads have stalled and you feel stuck? Or maybe they’re on fire and you want to scale them but don’t know how!

I can help.

During your one hour Ads Clinic, I’ll look at your ads and share my extensive experience to fix, improve and scale them.

I can help you set up your ads, audit your campaigns, review your copy and creatives or troubleshoot any issues.

As an ecomm ads specialist, I see the same problems cropping up time and time again and know how to solve them quickly and effectively.

And, in the unlikely event I can’t help, I’ll raise a ticket with my contacts at Facebook and Pinterest so that you get support directly from them.

Three reasons to book an Ads Clinic

Fixed in
one hour

There’s nothing more stressful than ads that are costing you cash. I’ll sort your problem in 60 minutes or give you a detailed plan to follow

Goodbye Google rabbit holes

When it comes to fixing ad issues, even Google has its limits. I’ll give you answers when you need them and get you back on track


Knowing there’s an expert at the end of the phone means you can stop worrying and start getting to grips with your ads


Here's the plan

I’ll send you a booking form. You choose a time that works for you and pay via my secure checkout system

You’ll receive a diary invite with a personal Zoom link for your session

During the session we’ll share screens and I’ll answer all your questions. I can even take control of your screen to fix your problem

After the session I’ll send you a recording to refer back to. You can also upgrade to a nurture package if you’d like continued support

Your Investment

£200 (excl. VAT) for a one hour clinic for up to two people.

Additional participants cost £50 per head.

Let me help you ditch the doubts and get confident with ads.

asked questions

Couldn't I find answers on YouTube?

You could try, but do you really have time to sift through hundreds of videos and tutorials? Lots of the information online is out of date and won’t apply 100% to your situation.

What if an hour isn’t enough?

Some problems do take longer to unpick and that’s why I also offer a three-hour Nurture package. It’s more cost effective than booking multiple individual sessions and is perfect for more complex issues, strategy support or those heart-stopping panic moments (don’t worry, all businesses have them).

Do you give a refund if you can’t solve the problem?

Yes, but so far I’ve haven’t had to. I’ll do everything in my power to solve your issue, or if it’s something that only Facebook or Pinterest can fix, I’ll use my contacts to raise a ticket for direct support.

Need help to understand your ads? Book an hour with me and let’s get you back on track.