facebook and instagram ads management.

I have spent a lot of time and expense on ensuring the highest level of training in Facebook™ (and Instagram) Ads.  Rest assured that your budget is in safe hands with an Ads Manager treating your budget as if it were their own money.

I offer a fully managed service which will mean getting to really know your business, your target customer, and your tailored goals before devising your advertising plan.

I can set up and run one-off, short-term campaigns or work with you on an ongoing basis.

your budget.

If you wish to spend £50-100 on your ads, then I am not the right Ads Manager for you.  A realistic budget is upwards of £1000 per month but this could easily be £2000-£5000 depending on your business needs.

If your budget is not quite there yet, check out my training options which will allow you to manage your ads yourself with my support.  Take a look here. 


Unfortunately, Facebook Ads are never an overnight success.  If you are expecting overnight results, I am not the right Ads Strategist for you.  It is necessary to constantly test, monitor and adjust ads and therefore I can only work with clients who are prepared to go forward with that frame of mind. 

Guarantees can never be made as no one can predict the outcomes of ad campaigns, however, I always do everything within my power, with the resources available, to get the best results possible for my clients.  If the situation occurs when good results are not possible, I will always advise to pause the ads and conduct a full review before continuing. 

If you are ready to take your marketing to the next level, please get in touch for a consultation. 

the process.


A discovery call will be scheduled to ensure we are a good fit.

I will go over my process and follow up the call by sending you my onboarding questionaire to better understand your business.

Once I fully understand your business, we will discuss your sales funnel and determine where to focus our efforts.

I will advise on what ad budget I recommend to achieve your outcomes and will start to work on your ad strategy.


The initial set up of your ads can begin.

I will build landing pages for you if necessary.

I will check to ensure you have the Facebook pixel installed.  If it is not, I will oversee this and talk you through the process.

I will research your target audience and who your ads should be shown to.


I will begin testing out the various elements of your ads to ensure they are performing optimally to achieve your goals.

I will then begin to run your ad campaign and start to scale it, as previously agreed.

We will touch base again on budget for your ad spend at this point.




 Your ads will be monitored daily.  Fluctuations are normal but it is important to be able to spot when an audience may need to be tweaked or changed and to react in a timely fashion.

You will be kept updated as often as you wish.  Some clients request daily updates, others are happy for me to just demonstate the final outcomes.

You should feel able to ask anything about your ads and campaigns with me.  I am always open to discuss my process and will flag concerns immediately, should they arise.




Fees are tiered and dependent on scale, budget and complexity of your ad campaigns.

I recommend to have a minimum £1000 PCM budget to spend on ads with a minimum of £1500PCM for an effective sales funnel.  This allows enough budget to test your ads for optimal results.


I will be able to advise on how much you will need to spend during our discovery call.