Pinterest Ads

Are you looking for new ways to reach more customers and generate more sales?

Then I have the answer. Pinterest Ads.

But, right now, you don’t have the time or headspace to do them justice.

Plus, you can’t afford to keep wasting money on complicated campaigns that aren’t getting the results you deserve.
Pinterest is brilliant for ecommerce businesses like yours, because pinners use the platform for ideas and inspiration.

And when they find what they’re looking for (hint: you), they can buy your products straight from the platform thanks to product tags.

When combined with other social ads, Pinterest promoted pins and ads are really effective. Best of all, they typically generate a 2x higher return on ad spend than other social media ad services!

When you work with me, I’ll set up and manage your promoted pins and ad campaigns, working to a strategy that’s tailored to your business goals.

So whether you’re already getting lots of traffic to your website from Pinterest or have yet to set up an account, I can help you take advantage of this incredible marketing opportunity.

Three reasons to outsource your Pinterest Ads management

2x return on ad spend

Pinterest ads are cheaper and, on average, bring in a 2x higher return on ad spend than other ads platforms. What’s not to love?


Pinterest appeals to new and younger audiences. Plus, 61% of UK pinners have made a purchase after seeing branded content

Diversify your income stream

Pinterest ads meet buyers at a different stage in their buying journey – hello untapped revenue stream.


Here's the plan

We’ll arrange a call to discuss your current level of marketing on Pinterest. Don’t worry if you haven’t started yet, there are a number of options we can discuss

Once you’re ready to go, I’ll create your ads then I’ll make sure they’re seen by all the right people

We’ll wait 2-3 weeks to give the ads time to get going, then I’ll start testing them to make sure they’re working perfectly to achieve your goals

Once the ads are in good shape I’ll start to scale them, checking in every day to make sure they’re working hard and earning you money

Your Investment

My fee starts at £1000pm (excl. VAT) plus setup fee. Minimum three-month contract, or four months if you don’t have an organic presence.

I recommend a minimum daily ad spend of £75 per day.

Ready to invest in finding new customers for your ecomm business?

asked questions

How quickly will I see results?

Pinterest ads can take a little longer to deliver results than other platforms, but don’t let that put you off. Once they take hold, Pinterest ads provide more bang for your buck – routinely delivering a 2x higher return on ad spend compared to Facebook and Instagram.

Should I replace my Facebook ads with Pinterest ads?

No, although Pinterest ads are great value, I don’t recommend this. Facebook and Pinterest ads target different types of buyers at different stages of their purchasing journey. Your best bet is to use both as part of a wider advertising strategy.

Do I need extra budget for Pinterest imagery?

Nope. It’s a myth that you need studio shots for successful ads. Customer photos along with unpolished videos and photos from your phone will work really well. Pinterest even advises you to ‘stand out by fitting in’. In other words, the more natural – and less salesy – your images look, the better.

Are Pinterest ads what’s missing from your marketing mix? Let’s find out. Fill in the form below and I’ll be in touch to arrange a chat.