£1m in attributed
revenue in 6 months
for Suns Lifestyle

Suns Lifestyle is a luxury outdoor furniture brand.  The supplier of the original, luxury, fixed structure aluminium pergola. Helping families and venues extend their leisure space outdoors.


  • £1m in attributed revenue across Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest in 6 months.
  • Successfully scaled monthly ad spend by 7X whilst maintaining a blended return on ad spend over 15X
  • New audiences reached on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest

The challenge

Suns Lifestyle are an ambitious brand with creative ideas for their expansion.  They had worked with other advertising partners previously but were unsure the creative direction of the campaigns reflected the luxury ethos of the brand and felt this was impacting their return on investment.

The solution

Aggie began by auditing the company’s ad account to identify areas of improvement whilst conducting thorough competitor research.  A creative brief with examples was presented to the business as well as the creative partners involved with the advertising campaigns.

The ad campaigns were restructured and the ads themselves were remade and ad copy rewritten to reflect the changing season and to strategically showcase the highest margin products.

These changes saw Suns Lifestyle enjoy its most lucrative Black Friday weekend yet and helped generate a 73% increase in revenue on last year, during its historically quietest month.

A Pinterest ads strategy was built to compliment the successful Facebook ads campaign.  A new audience demographic was introduced to the business and those that did not buy from Pinterest, but visited the website, were then retargeted on Facebook and Instagram. The addition of Pinterest ads to the Suns Lifestyle sales funnel helped generate £390k in revenue from £16k in Pinterest ad spend.  This gave a return on ad spend on the platform of 23X over 6 months.

The result

Suns Lifestyle has achieved its highest, consistent returns on investment and been able to target new audiences thanks to ad placements across Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

Working with White Bee Digital has also helped identify areas of opportunity when collaborating with the specialists managing other marketing channels for the business.  This has included leveraging content that has performed strongly organically on social media as ad creatives and consulting the videography and creative agency partners on creative best practice for social ads.

Also, keeping communication clear on ad performance has relieved the pressure on the company’s team and they can now invest it elsewhere in the business knowing their ads are in safe hands.


‘Aggie has surpassed all expectations that we had from a social ad manager based on our previous ad manager experience, however I can comfortably confirm that I don’t believe the job could be done any better. The return on spend is amazing and we receive regular feedback on ad performance along with ideas on how to improve and how to scale best for performance rather than simply chucking more money at the ads, as the social channels would have us do. The monthly and weekly updates are extremely helpful and really help us stay on top of things whilst taking a huge amount of time to research away from us. Aggie also provides thoughts to our creative team on what works best so that we know what and how to photograph our products going forward. I am extremely happy with Aggie’s work so far and she is a well-respected part of our team who I often recommend to other business owners.’

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