Not ready to outsource your ads, but still need help running them?

Well, when you sign up for my three-hour Nurture package, that’s exactly what you’ll get.

As an experienced Facebook and Instagram ads expert, I specialise in supporting ecommerce business owners like you to manage their own ad campaigns.

Just think how reassuring it will be to have a pro by your side to guide you through those panic moments (yes, everyone has them), help with your strategy and give you advice on pausing, scaling or tweaking.

After an initial one hour session, you can break the remaining time into 30- or 60-minute slots and use them over six weeks.

Whether you’re new to ads or want to brush up your skills, this is the perfect way to get the best from your ads.

Ready to learn the strategies and tactics that really work?

Three reasons to book a Nurture Package

Help when
you need it

This safety-net service means you can confidently set up and manage your own ads knowing you have a trusted expert to guide you


When you book a three-hour Nurture Package it’s cash in the bank! This package costs less than booking individual sessions

Advice you’ll understand

I won’t overwhelm you with jargon. You’ll be given clear, actionable instructions – small improvements that make a big difference


Here's the plan

I’ll send you a link to book for your first hour-long session and you’ll pay for the whole package in advance

You’ll receive a confirmation email with links to book your additional sessions as and when you need them

Sessions will take place on Zoom and after each one I’ll send you a copy of the recording so that you can rewatch it as often as you need

Your Investment

£549 (excl. VAT) for three hours of support spread over six weeks. The first session is one hour long, additional sessions can be split into either 30 or 60 minutes slots.

Ready to put ads overwhelm behind you?

asked questions

If I haven’t run ads before, is that what I need?

If you’re completely new to running ads, then I’d recommend you book an Ads training session first. The Nurture Package is a great follow up, giving you all the support you need to implement what you’ve learned.

What if I don’t need three hours?

If you don’t think you’ll need three hours, why not start by booking a one-hour Ads clinic? If at the end you think you’d benefit from ongoing support, you can upgrade to the Nurture package.

Can I carry sessions over if I don’t use them all in six weeks?

This hasn’t happened yet – but yes, I’d be open to issuing a credit note for an additional limited time frame.

Sign up for ongoing Facebook and Instagram Ads support and manage your ads with confidence.